How This Works

Let's walk through what happens when you are thinking of joining the Ultimate WordPress Help Membership

Just schedule a call with Jill (or skype or chat….you get the idea)

And we go from there.

First: We meet with you virtually to discuss your needs.

So we can do a quick first review of your existing site if you have one.

Or look at what you are hoping to see for a new or revised site.

And decide if we are a good fit and can offer what you need.

Based on this discussion...

Jill recommends which plan is right for you.

2 hours or 5 hours of time up front (and to use over 12 months.)


You pay for your membership and then the fun begins!

The initial investment in your Membership Plan gives you 2 or 5 hours of Personal Help time, at a nicely discounted rate.

For some, this is all they need.

Above and beyond those hours, you can pay the hourly rate, but Personal Help Time in bulk or ask for a one-off proposal for a site design.

We then begin working on your site

If you already have a site:

Initial Backup is made and then stored off-site.

Updating of themes and plugins and testing functionality.

Give our recommendations for removing or adding plugins, what licenses need to be purchased, or working with your theme developer support to make sure everything is functioning correctly.

You can then use your Personal Help time any way you wish: new pages, new theme and design, fixing technical issues that arise, adding functionality.

Or if you need a new site:

We talk with you to understand your vision and needs for a new site.

We ask you to do some homework to refine your vision, giving us clues to sites and elements you really, really like… or really, really don't!

Create a draft site.

Work  with us over screenshare to get it just the way you'd like.

We are not content creators, but we can take any content you want to see and put it onto your site in the way you want to see it!

For the entire length of your membership, your site will be taken care of: updates, backups and general maintenance.

This is included in the annual cost!

Some of our members use their time to have us:

  • Create new landing pages; 10%
  • Fix e-commerce issues and make on-line purchasing functional; 20%
  • Upload their content to their site and their auto-responder accounts; 30%
  • Add services just like our own vCita Contact widget. 40%
  • Modernize an older HTML site by converting it to a more functional and user-friendly WordPress site; 60%
  • Make what is in their vision a reality! 80%

If this all looks just like what you've been hoping for....

Don't Be Shy. Get In Touch.

If you are interested in working together, but still have questions, send me a message or schedule an Introductory Phone Call.

The Annual Sale on Help Time is now on!
46% off any Help Time package until Monday night October 29th -in honor of Jill's 46th lap around the sun. Then it will be 31% off until Friday the 30th of November.
After that, your usual member discount will apply. Discount only good for members with current maintenance packages. Dismiss

Need Help?

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PLEASE NOTE: We are currently booked up for site design 1 month in advance. We highly recommend you schedule your initial consult as soon as you can if you are interested in getting into our queue. For ongoing maintenance work, we can begin asap.

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