Terms and Conditions of Membership: What This Means For You And Us

Ultimate WP Help (the “company”) is a service of Sessa Global Ventures based in Sioux Falla, SD and operated by Jill Sessa.

Financial Relationship

We do not offer refunds on monthly, annual or hosting packages. If you cancel our services, your billing agreement will be canceled, but this in no way implies that a refund is due to you. Please be sure you want to engage us before making a purchase. Payment is made at the beginning of a term and services will be maintained until the end of the paid for term, with automatic renewal. It is your responsibility to cancel before the next term if you no longer want our services and to avoid being billed. We will not refund your payment because you simply forgot.

Your plan includes Personal Help Minutes. If your requested tasks exceed the time you have available, we will notify you in advance to give you the chance to purchase extra time, at the rate of $75 per half hour, with a minimum of a half hour. Discounts are available for members.

Access and Security

By signing up for the Ultimate WP Help service, you are granting access to your WordPress web site to the staff of the company. As is the course of all online activity, this comes with reasonable risks which the company makes every effort to minimize.

We will be placing at least two WordPress plug-ins on your site, one named BackupBuddy and the other MainWP. These both allow us to access your site remotely. As part of your package, we also give you a clear and detailed video about how you can remove either or both of these at any time that you might feel necessary. Conversely, we will remove these plugins when you cancel our services or fail to pay 5 days after your payment due date, for rejected charges.

An additional part of your package is a single page on our UltimateWPHelp.com website that is for communication about matters relating to your account. This page is created when you register and is editable by staff only and only visible to you and staff. No other member can see this page, nor any non-member visitor. At times, passwords and site details may be placed on this page, but will be removed as soon as their usefulness is over. This page is secure, on our own secure server. We will remove any details on this page at your request and take every reasonable effort to keep your information secure.

As the main way anyone can gain access to the administration sections of your website is through the login page, we urge you to always know your own login details as well as change the password often. Once we place the two plugins on your site, we also create a new user: Help. Again, we show you how to remove these user if you feel it becomes necessary. This user has their own login credentials and will be the way we access your site after our initial visit.


As part of our optional hosting services, we place your website on our secured shared server. We maintain this server to a high level of industry standards, but cannot guarantee 100% uptime or performance. If at any time you are not satisfied with our hosting, you are able to obtain your own hosting and we will transfer your site on your behalf, but there are no refunds on any unused time on your annual plan.

If you do not host your site with us, there may be times where we need to access your hosting or domain registrar over the course of maintaining your site. You agree that in giving us your password for these services, we have permission to access your site and make the changes necessary. We are not liable for any technical details of maintaining your site that are affected by your hosting service, although you can utilize your Personal Help Minutes to have us look into issues for you.

Our Pledge and Your Responsibility

We take our relationship to you and your site personally. This service is not a mass-market product nor are there robots operating behind the scenes. Every action taken on your site is done by a real human.

As the owner of the site, you have ultimate control and responsibility. We believe that part of our service is to teach you what that means, but that does not replace your need to learn about security.

Agreement to TOS Required

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, we will not service your account. If at any time you believe we are in violation of your security, please send a message to [email protected] so we can rectify this, or remove our presence from your site.