You've launched your online business and got all the tools and toys and now want to scream because you didn't go into this to struggle with all the tech?

Isn't it time you moved from
Chief Everything Officer
to being a true CEO?

We're the Systems and Operations team that takes all that overwhelm off your hands so you can focus on your genius.

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Jill Sessa CSS UWP

Support available for all steps of your journey.

Clarify where you should be investing time in your biz - and where your money is best spent.

Identify opportunities for expanding your team - and the exact ways you can do so!

Take your non-genius tasks right off your to-do list. ASAP.

We help with everything about your web presence, from systems and automations to website maintenance, membership sites, and course launches. With more than 20 geniuses at your disposal, we surely can help!

... best decision I've made for the tech side of the business.

Jill and I met to discuss a longer term strategy. I was blown away by her insight and how she made it all seem feasible.

Danielle Liss, CEO Businessese

How Can We Help? Start by telling us at what stage you sit.

I'm Completely Overwhelmed and Don't Even Know!

Don't worry, we've got you! This is our genius, helping people sort through the web of webs and find the clear path.

We recommend jumping on a Complimentary Strategy & Scale Session.

My Systems Are A Mess and I'm Losing Time and Money

You've been doing it all yourself or it's all in your head and nothing is working, right?

If you find yourself spending all your time trying to get your existing "system" (we say this loosely, you know it's hardly a system.... yet), imagine how much easier things will be after we spend a focused day and a half working it all out on your behalf.

We recommend our Fix the Broken S#!T Package.

I've Built Authority and Now I'm Ready to Monetize It

Let's discuss your assets (content, email list, groups and more) and pull them together in a way that will bring in the clients and cashflow.

We recommend our Complete Funnel Set-up.

It's time to Focus On My Genius & Invest In Support

Ready to take it to the next level and finally get the tech and strategy off your plate so you can focus on your genius? We offer options ranging from website maintenance to frequent access to our full team of geniuses.

We recommend our Strategy & Scale Ongoing Support Packages.

Virtual is causing me a headache, Can we get together in person?

We do the majority of our sessions and work on THE online tool of the decade... ZOOM.

Yet, you do have monthly opportunities to meet up with Jill, and occasionally some other lit-up entrepreneurs, at inspiring locations all over the US and the world.

Check out our Action Days to learn more.

I’m going to bet that you aren’t a web designer or coder or developer or maybe not even a techie or a geek.
Sound about right?

You have a business, though, focused around your own passion or specialty or skill set, and you find yourself spending way too much time on the techie stuff of your online presence and not nearly enough on the business of your business.


Wait, what? Why do I say that?

That means you are in the right place. So take a deep breath.

You Focus On Your Genius
Let Us Focus On Ours

Get the support you need for your online presence so you can take care of business.


Ultimate WP Help is the answer if you are seeking:

  • Thoughtful, strategic, integrated support for all of your online properties, like ecommerce, email marketing, SEO and more.
  • Maintenance & Support for your WordPress site - we've been taking care of WP sites for a decade.
  • Diagnostics & Tech Fixes
  • Website Customizations
  • Theme Changes for WordPress or To/From WordPress to Other Services
  • Website Design For Courses, E-Commerce or Portfolio Sites

You see, at Ultimate WP Help we ARE geeks and website techies.

We absolutely adore taking care of websites and marketing systems, autoresponders and web stores.

Really... Adore!

So why not let go of the tasks that aren’t in your genius so you have a whole lot more time to spend on the stuff that YOU adore?

Rest assured, the technical tasks that have you beating your head against your computer screen for hours are things we can take care of quickly. And what’s more, we want to!

Hi, I'm Jill Sessa, the Chief Site Savior (CSS!) at UWP, and I am a unique blend of clear communicator and techie brain. That means I can take your non-techie descriptions and turn them around into pixels and code. Cool! Plus, I have a team of people who have their own genius. All combined, we can take care of what you throw at us.

Thus freeing up your time for getting new clients and crafting marketing campaigns and working with your ideal customers.

Sounds pretty GENIUS, huh?

Jill Sessa
Chief Site Savior

If you are ready to let go of what isn’t your genius, gaining much-needed support and savvy partners in your online presence, then let’s start with a Complimentary Strategy and Scale Session to see if we are right for each other.

About The Strategy and Scale Session
We meet online, both looking at the same screen and have a chat. Let’s look over your existing website or ideas for your new one, or review some of your systems or take a look at others that you admire.

Then, I’ll recommend how to proceed.

Our maintenance membership is a fantastic value and might be just the right amount of support for you.

Or, it might be time for an online business manager and getting high level support from our team.

If you already have a site and are experiencing problems, let my tenacious anthropologist brain have a look. Anthropologists are taught to dig- not just in the dirt, but into systems and problems, and uncover answers. My genius freeing up your brain to focus on YOUR genius. Yes!

Need more details? Take a look at the specific sections describing the memberships and/or website programs. Then schedule that Complimentary Strategy and Scale Session so we can get started. You might have already guessed that I’m pretty easy to talk to.

It is time for you to let go of what just isn’t your best skill set in order to truly fulfill your own mission. I’m excited to connect with you!




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Here’s the basics of what we offer

Click on each section to learn a bit more.

Support and Maintenance Memberships

Imagine having all of the technical details of your website taken care of on your behalf- automagically. Never worry about pressing that “Update” button on your WordPress website again. We backup your site regularly, but most especially before we do any updates. Then we create a draft site to test the new plugins or theme before we deploy the changes on your live site. This means less downtime for your site and greater ease of mind.

  • Daily Database Backups
  • Weekly Full Site Backups Stored Off-Site for Redundancy
  • WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin Updates Done For You

In addition, you get Help Time to use throughout your membership. This can be for anything from content on pages to new plugins and systems.

Then, if you need more help beyond the included hours, you can purchase more Help Time and/or upgrade your Strategy & Scale program.


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Technical or Virtual Support

We call this Help Time (HT). These higher level tasks are anything that requires technical expertise and/or troubleshooting. Whether creating a new e-commerce system, fixing a bug caused by a plugin, or connecting various parts of your funnel, we take care of it as efficiently as possible.

Your HT is like a bank - we draw off time used in minutes. Assistant-level tasks that are more "copy & paste" and repetitive work are billed at one-half the time. Any time with Jill or another developer is considered Tech-level.

You can book screenshare time to review and work on the issue directly with Jill or send your tasks in by submitting our form.

Our goal is to take the tech stuff off your mind and support you in any way we can. You focus on your genius, let us focus on ours. Deal?

Strategy and Scale

When you are ready for a higher level of support and moving your business to the next level, our whole team is at your disposal.

With a focus on systems and automations first, then content and marketing as you grow, you are the visionary leader, we are your implementors.

Just some of what we can take care of:

  • CRM setup and automation: contacts, pipelines, payments and more
  • Website design
  • Landing pages and funnels
  • Email marketing
  • Graphics
  • Social media design and posting

Your business isn't cookie cutter, neither are our services. With a dedicated Project Manager and a team working on your behalf, you will breeze through our meetings and get back to doing what you do best. How can we help?

Website Design

We’re not graphic designers (although we know some great ones) or copywriters (know some amazing writers, too) and not really even coders (although, we do know how to write and read code) so what DO we do?

We call it Theme Bending.

WordPress is at the same time rather easy to use and highly sophisticated. But it doesn’t need to be complex. Themes provide the structure, then you can fill in the blanks.

Plugins and custom functions provide the magic in connections and systems you might need.

So, while we aren’t necessarily going to build you a from-scratch database and highly complex website, we will work with you to put up a site that expresses you and represents your business beautifully with the functions that will help you succeed. If you need more than that, we can connect you to the right people to make that happen.

Our website costs are based on the amount of time we need to invest both with you and on the site itself. We have created over 100 websites in the past few years, from simple one-pagers to 100 pages and 1000 products. So we have a pretty good handle on time and effort. It doesn’t help you to spend so little on a site that we have no room to get it done- but nor do you need to invest so much your head spins. Let’s work it out together to make sure you are getting what you need at a budget that makes sense.

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If you’ve read all the way down to here, you hopefully get the sense that we are different.

Maybe even kind of weird. Certainly dorky and a bit nerdy.
But passionate and committed, too.

You see, UWP is a business that was started to nurture a lifestyle of supporting others. It has worked out very well so far, and we can’t wait to see just how we can help you, too.

So, let’s start with that first session and see if we’re a good fit for you.

About Jill Sessa

Chief Site Savior, Business Anthropologist and
Full-Time Traveler

Jill Sessa is an undaunted solo traveler and location independent techie. You’ll find her (if you can catch her!) exploring land and water while she manages her website support service, Ultimate WP Help, and teaches others how they, too, can live the life of which they dream through leveraging the power of outsourcing and automation.

A serial entrepreneur, with prior businesses in health and fitness, Pilates studios, and building web applications, she has been enjoying an ever changing view from the “office” window for over 9 years while working only 15 hours a week. Jill’s favorite thing to say to her fabulous clients is “Let us focus on our genius, so you can focus on yours.

What is the best WordPress help service?

Read Some of What Our Members Have to Say

(And learn more about Jill's approach on the About Us page)

Jill's services allow me to grow my business offering e-courses, memberships and virtual summits on customized WordPress platforms without worrying about how to make everything "work together" myself.

Highly recommend working with Jill to outsource the tedious technical aspects of your online business so you can focus on your Genius!

Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD

Creator, Pharmapreneur Academy and the Elevate Pharmacy Summit

thanks for your time and expertise. i can't tell you what a relief it is to find someone who has the same sense of urgency that i do about getting my projects completed.

Laura Kupperman

Coach for Health and Wellness Professionals

I'm really impressed Jill. Thank you again. I've not had someone this thorough EVER to work on my site. I know it's been a pain and I want you to know that I appreciate it. Once we get through this crapton of mess [left by other developers], I look forward to working with you to increase traffic and get the website working for me!!

Vickie Dickson

Health on Purpose

I'm so excited that I may never have to look at a cPanel again. It makes my life so much easier!

Danielle Watson

The Suddenly Single Show

Damn, Girl! You are freaking fasssssssttttt. That would've taken me HOURS.
Thank you! I'm seriously in tears- the lead page looks great! Thank you!

Cassie Piasecki

Nutrition Coach and Fitness Instructor

To say Jill has been a website lifesaver would be an understatement! With very little internet savvy, I was in desperate shape. Jill and her team have helped me through every "emergency" and all of the day to day issues I just don't have time to figure out. Jill's quick response and fun personality have made keeping my website running a breeze!

I would recommend her services to absolutely anyone! Thanks Jill!

Heather Ryan

Safety Expert and Speaker, Special Agent Heather


If you are spending too much time on the tech of your online BUSYness, you are losing hours and income EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Can you afford to keep that up?

From the time we opened UWP, we have limited the number of website help memberships and have a full roster. We like to keep things personalized, so don't miss out on your chance to secure a spot with the best online business help service... and secure your peace of mind! Have questions? Check out our FAQ or email help @