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An amazing amount of business has funneled through the great SEO and social setup by Jill. In addition, we get tons of compliments on our design and user experience. Keeping our site up to date is very simple and Jill’s team is always available to help.


Brian Schultz

Magnetic Collaborative

Thank you! It all works so much better than before!

Louise Edington

Your Cosmic Blueprint

I just have to say, you are a freakin’ genius! In the 4 years my website, in its various incarnations, has been up, no one has been able to get the shipping to calculate correctly… Until now. I am so very pleased!

Paula Mosier

Dew Point Pole

I’m so excited that I may never have to look at a cPanel again. It makes my life so much easier!


Danielle Watson

The Purse Process

Thank you for today! I’m freaking giddy with excitement! It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this empowered and excited to launch something without having to settle for something to be “ugly” or not work quite the way I want it to. I’m seriously in heaven.


Angella Johnson

Soul Vision Strategies

So loving the new site, it’s like my kid went to finishing school.

Jim McDermott

The Lost Adventure

hire the best WordPress help

You’ve got a business to run and having a site is an important part.

But you’ve got better things to do than waste your time trying to figure out technical details or making sure everything is up to date.

We’re WordPress site maintenance experts. It’s our passion and we love doing it.


Our Membership is value packed.
Every membership includes these features.
See what we offer…


Personal Help Time

Every WordPress site is different (that’s what makes WP so fantastic!) so take advantage of Personal Help minutes to take care of your specific issues.

Theme and Plug-In Updates

From installing new themes and plug-ins to testing the compatibility of the ones already on your site, we’ll take care of that pesky “Update Required” notice.

Full Site Backups

We regularly backup and test your site so it functions well at all times. Stored off-site for redundancy and peace of mind.

Site Restoration

Ugh, the web gremlins took your site down. This can happen for multitudes of reasons. We’ll be able to put your site backup quickly and test to make sure all is right again.

Site Design

Whether you need a redesign or a whole new site, you can get a jump start by purchasing an annual membership to cover technical and design hours. Or consider our Web Design services for comprehensive packages.

All For A Low Membership Fee

Our annual rates are extremely low, and if you exceed your included time, add time in half hour- five hour increments for a discounted rate. A WordPress Manager on retainer. Genius!

Not keeping up with your WordPress site could be disastrous, but the solution is simple…

Get Help!
need help with my WordPress site



Annual With Hosting
  • Everything in the LifeRaft (2 hour) Plan plus a low annual rate for hosting on our shared, reliable hosting.
  • cPanel access
  • Up to 4 additional add-on domains
  • 10 email addresses
  • maintained by UWP on your behalf.
Click Here To Secure Your LifeRaft Annual Plan With Hosting


Annual With Hosting
  • Everything in the Helicopter Plan plus a low annual rate for hosting on our shared, reliable hosting.
  • cPanel access
  • Up to 4 additional add-on domains
  • 10 email addresses
  • maintained by UWP on your behalf.
Click Here To Secure Your Helicopter Annual Plan With Hosting


We limit the number of WordPress help memberships to just 100 so that we can best serve our customers. Don’t miss out on your chance to secure a spot with the best WordPress help service… and secure your peace of mind! Have questions? Check out our FAQ or email help @

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