Website Development General Terms and Conditions

All website development by Jill Sessa and Ultimate WP Help  ("developer") on behalf of a client abides by the terms and conditions outlined on this page unless specifically altered through written (email) communication. Payment or deposit constitutes agreement to these terms.

A deposit or full payment must be paid before any work is begun on your behalf.

A timeline will be agreed upon to include: design and implementation, review, site launch and additional post-launch edits. Any time in excess of the agreed timeline will be cause for the "Delay Penalty" as follows:

  • A delay caused by the developer will reduce the final payment by the agreed upon amount per week. (example: $25-$500 per week's delay will be deducted from the final invoice before launch, based on package price)
  • A delay caused by the client will increase the final payment by the agreed upon amount per week. (example: $25-$500 per week's delay will be added to the final invoice before launch, based on package price)
  • This is binding and any extreme circumstance must be discussed in order for this not be in effect.

The site will be developed on hosting owned by the developer and only moved to the client's hosting upon final payment before launch.

Design and implementation phase includes all work on your site, in addition to any communication with other professionals you have hired, such as graphic designers, copywriters and personal assistants.

All content provided to the developer is the sole property of the client and the developer retains no rights to usage outside of this project. The exception is that the developer may showcase, link to or otherwise refer to the site as a part of her portfolio. If the site is not to be used in this manner, it must be agreed upon in writing.

Review phase covers the final day or week before launch and is done by screenshare and notes by email.

Launch phase is the day the site goes live on the client's hosting and includes any domain/ registrar/ DNS work necessary to accomplish a live and fully functional site on the client's hosting environment. Communication may be necessary with the hosting provider's support department and the developer will be given full access and permission to do so.

After the site is live, 1-2 hours of additional edits and tweaking are included as we fully recognize that it is difficult to fully comprehend each decision on a site until it is live. These hours must be used within four weeks of the site going live. Any additional time required will be priced according to an annual membership plan or through purchase of help hours.

While we do not offer refunds of any kind, we will work with the client to make sure the site is completely satisfactory before launch, however delay fees still apply.

Maintenance: UltimateWPHelp Membership Helicopter plan: $1290/ year includes WordPress maintenance and up to 3 hours of Personal Help Time, which can be used for any aspect of site maintenance, additional features or technical help. Additional time is billed hourly at a rate of $150/ hour, multiple hour discount available. This is a separate cost from the site development fee and is not required in order for us to develop the site, although recommended for ongoing site health.

Most important, the developer and the client agree to treat one another with respect and professionalism, work in concert to create the client's vision and openly discuss any areas of concern without fear of malice or retribution. The developer sees her role to be technically proficient while making the client's digital vision a reality.

Trust is being granted to the developer in terms of business practices, financial and other personal matters and business connections. This trust is truly our prized possession and we will take extreme care not to violate it.

By making the agreed upon deposit, the client is saying that they have read and agree upon these terms for site development.

You may make your deposit here in the amount Jill will give you in the consultation or pay for the package discussed from here.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.