WooCommerce + YITH

We have been absolutely thrilled with the functionality AND customer support of Your Inspiration Themes' WooCommerce plugins. Their catalogue is huge and growing. See it here: https://yithemes.com/

Just some of what you can do:

  • Customize every part of the order process
  • Memberships and Subscriptions (Note, you cannot simply migrate from the Woo versions of these however, all memberships would need to be migrated and created as if new. New installations, however… do it!)
  • Custom thank you page redirects (YES, you can now easily customize that after-purchase user experience without needing us to add custom code. YOWZERS, this alone may save you $150-$300/ year in help time!)
  • Gift Cards
  • Shipping options
  • Wholesale
  • Custom order forms
  • Deals and sales
  • Customer support and Chat (like our new NEED HELP RIGHT NOW? widget in the upper right corner)
  • Pretty much anything your creative marketing brain comes up with.

We are BIG into WooCommerce as an ecommerce platform. Yet not all of their own extensions are affordable in the scheme of things. Their removing the ongoing discount had us seek alternatives for many of our commonly used plugins. Which led us to YITH. We knew of some of their free plugins, but the premium versions have rocked our world.

UWP gives you access to the entire YITH catalogue of plugins at a greatly discounted cost. Note: All support for these plugins will come from UWP and you must maintain your annual membership along with this subscription to continue to receive updates and support. This deal is not available to non-members (so sign in first to purchase!)

You'd pay $450 in your first year to buy this on your own. Which would STILL be a great deal considering to what you have access. However, we pass along our special bulk pricing to you so it brings the cost down to what some single extensions on Woo would run.  Just need 1 or 2 or 3? Take our Light Weight Plan. Or upgrade to Heavy Hitter to get any plugin your heart desires – at any time in the year.

The ALL THE WOO+ plan is for access to ANY ecommerce extension on our site, not just YITH:

  • LearnDash + Woo (129 value)
  • Memberships (Woo version – 129 when on sale)
  • Subscriptions (Woo version – 129 when on sale)
  • BoosterPlus
  • Order Status Control Extension
  • Follow-up Emails
  • and many more.
  • Heck, we'll even throw in WooZapier (59/ year) AND AffiliateWP (99 when on sale – if you already have it, otherwise, YITH has a great Affiliate plugin we are really digging.)

This is an incredible value for your complex site. You could save hundreds if not thousands on your overall configuration. (Already pay for some or any of these? Contact Jill first for a coupon equal to the pro-rated amount left on that subscription, which will be canceled in lieu of ALL THE WOO+)

Purchase includes installation but setting up and configuration does come off your Personal Help Time. Just schedule a session after purchase. Each site requires a subscription – note the value discounts for more than one site.

WooCommerce + YITH Extensions = Awesome. Functionality and Value + Our UWP Support = MORE AWESOME!

Not sure you need it? Contact Jill for a WOO consult. You can upgrade plans during your subscription and we will credit your existing payment.

Thanks for reading to the end…. now SIGN UP! Get ready to rock your site.

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