Interactive Exhibition Hall

Do you have a virtual event with presentations, sponsors, product launches and more? Make this an engaging experience for your website visitor with our Interactive Exhibition Hall service. Expo Hall, Trade Show, Conference Show, Online Show, Virtual Summit. Your choice.

We provide:

Exhibition Hall built out to accommodate your sponsors in a tiered format, with various sized booths based on sponsorship level, interactive features for the sponsors to present their business and a fun “expo hall” feel that a visitor can wander.

Individual booths for each sponsor or presenter, complexity based on sponsorship level or presentation. 1-5 upper level, 5-15 mid level and 10-20 lower level sponsors are included, additional can be added.
We suggest the tiers come with features such as:

  • Video thumbnail(s) that open to play embedded videos (these are hosted elsewhere and then played for the visitor on your site)
  • Clickable and downloadable brochures – the takeaways for visitors.
  • Graphical banners that represent their products or services or topic.
  • Visitor Engagement through Optional chatbot (upper level sponsorship levels only) or contact forms (any or all sponsorship levels).
  • We can likely create additional features based on you or your sponsors’ requests. We love to see what different organizations dream up!
  • Potential for Live sessions, depending on the marketing you are doing for the Expo Hall. These are often used for virtual events and summits and are a great way to reach your audience in a reciprocal interaction.
  • This can be integrated through your existing site or we can publish a site on hosting that you own. Additional costs may be required for tech components depending on your current set-up.

Virtual Expo Hall

How we work together:
We manage the project through Google Sheets, with a detailed organizational spreadsheet and file structure, specs to give your sponsors so we get their assets in a usable fashion, and cloud storage for any working files. Upon receipt of your deposit, and at the time your project comes up in our queue, we schedule an initial 1 hour screenshare session to discuss specifics, up to 4 sessions during the process for working through details, unlimited email and messenger access for quickly getting your questions answered. We celebrate go live with you on a video call as you open the (virtual) doors to your visitors.

We own and retain the rights of the base assets of the graphics for the expo hall and single booths. You will own the resultant image file and image maps for your site. Further edits can be made in the future as needed, at an additional cost.

Your Investment:
Large Virtual Exhibit Hall companies offer their stand alone websites for upwards of $30,000-50,000, if you can even get them to quote a price! Because of the way we build out our interactive and accessible image maps with a nimble process, we are able to offer a package for up to 10 sponsors or speakers, including the main Expo Hall, a Presentation Hall and the individual booths, for $7500.

Additional booths can be added for $300-400/ each, above the 10, if needed, billed now or at a future date. We would require a deposit of $4000 to hold the slot for your organization and the balance due as $2000 + additional fees 1 month after we begin work and $1500 + final fees (if any added) 1 week before launch date. For timelines less than 45 days, the entire fee is due upfront. Additional fees may be required, for custom graphics, add-on booths or features well outside of those stated. You will be directed to make payment for those separately.


Our Thank You:
You also have the chance to recoup some of your investment, not just through sponsor fees and adding further sponsor booths, but in recommending our service to others. We offer a “thank you” gift when you refer others to us, of 10% of their investment. We appreciate how we’ve been able to offer this service simply through the kind words of our clients.

We work with you to make it right, then once we launch, 1-3 additional hours of edits are included in all sites, more depending on the event. We can train you and your staff to maintain the site, or an on-going UWP Membership can be purchased so we can do it for you.

Keeping it all moving forward with our Mutually Respectful Delay Clause – let’s get it all done, on time and with cooperation. If we fail to do so on our part, this amount is deducted from the final bill due. If delays are on your part, this must be received before the site is pushed live.

Payment of your deposit constitutes agreement to all terms discussed verbally and in writing as well as the general Website Development terms that can be found here.

Jill, our Chief Site Savior, will quote you the deposit price to input below, if different than $4000. Please also confirm your understanding of the Mutually Respectful Delay Clause by inputting the weekly amount quoted below. Or Schedule a call to discuss!


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