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You have clients you love, create awesome websites or graphic designs or copy or marketing or… whatever else you specialize in. But… you don't specialize in maintenance of websites or the technical aspects of support. Your growing agency is spending too much time on tasks that aren't in your genius.

Sound about right?

Then the Fleet Agency Membership is for you! Modeled after the best aspects of our individual annual plans – maintenance, backups, upgrades tested on draft sites and deployed live, but on behalf of your clients, all through personal, highly skilled service. A subcontracting situation, if you will.

At UWP we manage hundreds of websites in a variety of niches and functionalities. We integrate e-commerce, marketing systems and all the technical aspects our clients dream up. This variety makes us the perfect fit for acting as part of your team – for a very low cost. We aren't some anonymous maintenance service. You will meet with Jill on screenshare sessions and communicate with our staff through our Help Request system and Member Notes. Real people, who understand what it is like to run a small- to medium- sized business.

As a Fleet Member, you can add as many sites to the maintenance aspect of your plan as you want. Just $300 per site. Then, you purchase Help Time in packages to be spread across any of those sites or even others where you just have a singular need. You make your requests through our Help Request system, ensure we have all the access details we need and then move on to what you do best.

Fleet = Maintenance Plans + Help Time Packages. We have now eliminated the need for you to have a Helicopter membership for your agency (but your personal sites still require one). More flexibility + greater support where you need it = AWESOME. You can add new sites at any time, with rolling plan dates.

Fleet Members get an outstanding discount on Help Time with quantity discounts to bring the rates down even further. We just ask that you keep a minimum of 2 hours of Help Time in your bank for tasks. UWP tracks time in your own account, noted by date, site worked on and hours used. This is handy for billing to your own clients.

In addition, Fleet Members have discounted access to our licenses for a vast number of plugins for us to install on your client sites. In all cases support for these plugins is provided through UWP and may use Help Time. If you no longer want to use our services, your clients are welcome to sign up for themselves (we'll pay you a 10% referral) or purchase any licenses on their own at that time.

Understand that when signing up for the plan, you will be required to give us full access to any clients' sites and hosting. You will be responsible for maintaining communication with your client – however we are always happy to meet with your client directly on any task or issue. We can either allow your clients to contact us through our site forms or install a Help Request form on your site.

However, we are NOT a white label service and work best when your client knows that another company is involved. We believe that if everyone focuses their time on what they do best, businesses flourish. Assure them that they now have a larger team looking out for their best interests. As such, you also are maintaining liability as per your client contracts. We don't work for your client, we work for you. We uphold the highest standards of technical performance, security and ethics. We cannot be sued by your client for any issues with their business due to their website or other online presence. This is an important distinction to note and you are agreeing to this each and every time you add on a site.

To begin: You will purchase the Fleet Agency Membership, which is actually… FREE! Then you will have access to the exclusive Fleet products: Add a Site and Fleet Help Time and discounts on our on site plugins and extensions (Have Woo clients? You have to check out our YITH deals!)

All in all, we've got your back. We want to help you be an even better fit for your own clients. To do what you do best. “You focus on your genius, let us focus on ours” Deal?

Sign up below, complete the checkout, then you will have access to the Fleet products. Let's go!

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