Additional Site Management

As you grow your business and we grow ours, we've had many requests to add sites to hosting and maintenance plans. Well, we realize you don't want those new sites to get neglected, so we're offering an add-on for additional site management. Yup, the same level of support you get for the weekly & monthly WordPress tasks on your main site, at a lovely we-love-you discount.

This does not include any additional personal help time (however you can use your PHT across any of your sites), but does include your WordPress updates, plugin testing and updates, theme testing and updates and general eye-keeping-on. You know, all the stuff you are so very glad to not have to deal with anymore on your existing site? Yes!!!

You must already have a UWP membership (or buy this concurrently by adding on to a Membership purchase.)

$150 for the year if purchased separately from your initial membership purchase. These will not by in sync however, if you let your membership expire, this plan becomes null and void at that time, as well.

This product can only be viewed by members. To view or purchase this product, sign up by purchasing Helicopter Annual Membership, or log in if you are a member.

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