You've Got Important Work To Do In This World!

Why Not Skip the Online Business Tech Headaches?

Think of us as your off-site on-line tech team.
The goal is to keep you focused on the work that lights you up and pass off the rest to us.

If it involves any part of your online tech stack, we can make it work. Now that may sound like a humble brag, but we've proven it time and again: there's nothing that our team can't handle directly or pull in even better experts to assist. We've got you!

Isn't It Time You Outsourced All Those Online Business Tasks?

You've learned the value of staying at the highest level of your business and getting help for most day to day operations, navigating your business fluidly.

You are indeed, the Captain of your ship. And just like any great captain, you only invite your highest level staff and guests up to the Bridge. You consult with your advisors for next best steps and then delegate to competent specialists.

Our Strategy & Scale Support membership is for when you truly want to Focus On Your Genius and let us support you in all of your online services.

Honestly, working with you over these past like few months has just completely changed my mind to what is actually possible in business. I just feel so much more at peace with everything. Everything's just so much more fun. Versus like when I was just doing [a coach's] stuff and kind of following just their path, was definitely not what I wanted to do. And I think that was like the main reason why it was so hard for me to get back into the game. But working with you, I just feel so much more like this is my business and it's just been so much more fun.

Steven Vu

Founder, Clients & Impact

Your Ultimate Online Business Help: Strategy & Scale

Included in Strategy & Scale

The clients that take advantage of Jill's strategic brain have seen tremendous growth in their business – and are doing way less busy work, freeing them up for high level thinking. We can:

  • Identify support tasks and then train Virtual Assistants to do them
  • Implement automations and tie together your whole system to free up human time.
  • Re-work membership offerings for greater profit and less time involvement.
  • Edit videos and series for use on social or in courses.
  • Organize online summits.

    We grow with our clients' abilities, programs, needs and interests. A true partnership that goes way beyond website maintenance and support.

Meetings On The Bridge

Regularly meet with the high level advisory team at UWP to discuss what you have going on in your business at the moment and moving forward. That's Jill, our systems and automations magician and Frankie, our operations and project management genius. 

The more we get in sync, the less “emergency” work is being done, but rather you are planning and delegating like a champ.

Set aside a bit of time on your "busy" calendar and magically free yourself up going forward!

You will be contacted after sign-up about scheduling these sessions. We like to meet weekly at the start and then once a month to keep things rolling.

Quick Tasks

Identify the next steps needed in your business, the chores we can take off your plate and ~5 quick tasks per session (or one longer strategic task).

Quick tasks really run the gamut, from reworking a product automation flow to posting blog posts and sending emails, even designing landing pages or creating social media graphics and video editing. We have specialists on our own team in all aspects of online business.


Online tools are supposed to help us run our businesses, right? We get these working together for your needs, behind the scenes. Freeing up you and your teams time for direct client work - or not working at all.

Strategic Tasks

When you need a consultation around a new flow or process in your business, or fixing an existing one, this is where we spend a greater amount of time.

Let's map out your needs then let our team put all the pieces together. We then implement the plan on your behalf and coordinate with your team to make it all a reality.

Yes, we are that rare breed of geek who speaks human. Take advantage! 

Content Updates

On your website or in your funnels, we can take any content you provide and make it live. *While we do not write the actual content, we can have our crack editors refine your words and message.

All for Just $2000 per month.

Or $5400 for three months
(we all love to
leverage scale in all ways, right?)
and receive a bonus Action Day
with Jill and the UWP Team

Done-For-You Services + On-Call Support

In addition, we can proactively monitor all of your connected services, such as email marketing, e-commerce, search engine optimization and more, depending on your business.

This isn't rote "follow my blueprint." We make sure you roll out with the support that you need to stay at the high level your business - and those you serve - deserves. 

We're more than just an assistant.
We can be your consultant, sounding board, developer, and partner.

An All-In-One Solution to Your
Online Business's Varying Needs

Online businesses are dynamic and our job is to keep up with the changes in tech, tools and offerings.

We take care of such a wide variety of businesses that we're sure to be familiar with the bones of yours. Then, we'll take it upon ourselves to become intimately familiar with everything that makes your own unique.

This isn't cookie-cutter anonymous support. Our processes balance an excellent standard of care with personalized attention. 

What Our Clients Say!

Jill's services allow me to grow my business offering e-courses, memberships and virtual summits on customized WordPress platforms without worrying about how to make everything "work together" myself.
Highly recommend working with Jill to outsource the tedious technical aspects of your online business so you can focus on your Genius!

Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD

Creator, Pharmapreneur Academy and the Elevate Pharmacy Summit

I've had the pleasure of working with Ultimate WP Help since 2016. From very early on, Jill and her team proved adept at handling all of the issues thrown at them. Unfortunately, I tended to enlist Jill's help more for website updates, rather than a more robust strategy.

In 2020, my focus moved to improving the overall customer experience on the Businessese website. I knew I wanted it to be better, but I had no idea what the steps would be to make that happen. Jill and I met to discuss a longer term strategy. I was blown away by her insight and how she made it all seem feasible.

I've been a maintenance plan client with Jill for years, and signing up for the Captain's Bridge program was the best decision I've made for the tech side of the business. In one quarter, we [have been] able to make a much needed update to the website and … handling it in chunks that my non-tech brain can handle.

Danielle Liss

Legal Expert and Owner, Businessese

Thanks for your time and expertise. i can't tell you what a relief it is to find someone who has the same sense of urgency that i do about getting my projects completed.

Laura Kupperman

Coach for Health and Wellness Professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is this service?

While you give us access to your sites and services at the highest levels, we also let you know how to manage that, including a tutorial video with how to remove any trace of “us” if you feel necessary. All passwords and logins are held in our Lastpass account and we encourage you to never share in plain text. Read full details in our Terms and Conditions.

What if I have lots of questions?

With your Captain's Bridge membership, we do our best to make ourselves available to you. Creating ongoing lists of your questions and tasks in our shared documents and folders, then discussing on our meetings, is the best way for us all to stay organized. But certainly feel free to shoot an email when needed!

What if we need A LOT more help?

You can choose our Accelerator Monthly plan for nearly full-time help - and upgrade and downgrade between plans as needed. If your issue requires us to bring in an expert outside of our scope of practice, we will discuss any additional costs that may be incurred before moving forward.

What can I use my Quick Tasks for?
You can use your time for whatever you need to get done on your online business. Seriously.

We can answer your questions and then take care of the task for you. Screenshare is super-efficient and allows us to take what's in your mind and get it out onto the web.

  • Landing Pages
  • Automations
  • Video editing
  • Blog posting
  • Social media posting
  • Components of Course creation and implementation
  • Ecommerce issues
  • Connections and Flows of all kinds
  • What else do you need? We likely cover it with the exception of actually writing your content.
What if I didn’t use my tasks and sessions?

First, we'll figure out why! We don't roll over included tasks and sessions but will work with you to better optimize your utilization of our services. Captains know how to delegate and plan!

Are there any additional costs?

While we can manage your ads, the costs of advertising are on you! Same with any staff that you may decide to hire in house.

If at any time our tasks exceed your plan, Jill will discuss purchase of hours to cover excess work. This is rare when truly operating in our zone.

If you would like us to host your website, you can join our Helicopter plan + hosting.

Ultimate Online Business Support for Just $2000/ month.

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