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Build a Thriving Business That Supports Your Lifestyle Without a Huge Following, Selling Your Soul or Working 15 Hours a Day

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Support available for all steps of your journey.

Clarify where you should be investing time in your biz - and where your money is best spent.

Identify opportunities for expanding your team - and the exact ways you can do so!

Take your non-genius tasks right off your to-do list. ASAP.

... best decision I've made for the tech side of the business.

Jill and I met to discuss a longer term strategy. I was blown away by her insight and how she made it all seem feasible.

Danielle Liss, CEO Businessese

How Can We Help? Start by telling us at what stage you sit.

I'm a New Entrepreneur or Starting a New Idea

Just starting in business - or launching a new one you want to test?

We recommend our Lead Capture & Engage Package.

I've Built Authority and Now I'm Ready to Monetize It

Let's discuss your assets (content, email list, groups and more) and pull them together in a way that will bring in the clients and cashflow.

We recommend our Complete Funnel Set-up.

It's time to Focus On My Genius & Invest In Support

Ready to take it to the next level and finally get the tech and strategy off your plate so you can focus on your genius?

We recommend our Strategy & Scale Support Package.

I'm Completely Overwhelmed and Don't Even Know!

Don't worry, we've got you! This is our genius, helping people sort through the web of webs and find the clear path.

We recommend jumping on a Complimentary Strategy & Scale Session.

Jill Sessa

Chief Site Savior, Business Architect and
Full-Time Traveler

Jill Sessa is an undaunted solo traveler and location independent techie. You’ll find her (if you can catch her!) exploring land and water while she manages her website support service, Ultimate WP Help, and teaches others how they, too, can live the life of which they dream through leveraging the power of outsourcing and automation.

A serial entrepreneur, with prior businesses in health and fitness, Pilates studios, and building web applications, she has been enjoying an ever changing view from the “office” window for over 9 years while working only 15 hours a week. Jill’s favorite thing to say to her fabulous clients is “Let us focus on our genius, so you can focus on yours.