The Aggregation - Your Chance to Expand Your INNERSECTION

Nosara, Costa Rica in May and September 2022
Oh, I Am So Ready To Expand

The Aggregation:
Extraordinary experiences for entrepreneurs on a mission who need the space to dive deep within for what they are giving to this world.

You are the visionary leader in your business.

Take time to plan and strategize around this vision, then gather the support you need for implementation.

Focus on your genius, then let others focus on theirs.

When your soul is in every fiber of your work- the balance is within and not something you try to achieve.

Gather with Jill and an inspired group for one of these two extraordinary experiences for entrepreneurs on a mission who need the space to dive deep within for what they are giving to this world.

When you gift yourself the time and space for planning, dreaming, thinking big and removing blocks, you allow the world to receive your gifts.
This is what takes place during The Aggregation.

The most often phrase said to Jill about her lifestyle is: "You are living my dream life!"
To which she most often replies, "No, this is my dream, if it's yours, make it happen."

Here's your chance to Make It Happen with a leader who has lived with purpose and self-determination for decades.

Gathering in person...
we've missed it and we've missed you!

Giving yourself the space to discover what you need to live this life in harmony- with nature, the spiritual world, and your dreams for your business and your life.

Take 7 days to come together with a small supportive group and experience how I've made it all work in this flow. Nourish your mind and body with breathwork, meditation, and time. And integration time that may look like planning for your business... Or may look like creating a new plan.

Geared toward entrepreneurs, focusing on identifying the aspects that will allow for a simpler, more profitable business.

Will use tools of movement, food, discussion, reflection, plant medicine for those interested, breathwork, and space. One-on-one strategy and integration time with Jill included for all participants before, during, and after The Aggregation.

Nosara, Costa Rica - easy to arrive, yet a world away.

There is nothing you can't do when you have support for your vision.

Let us help.


Spend a full week focused on your growth

A week in Nosara at a beautiful large home, with a plant-based local chef. Balance luxury with the simple pleasures. Enjoy sunset on the beach, sunrise at the pool, space to reflect, and the support to plan. Maybe a surf lesson or other opportunities to explore.

Deeply identify with your genius

Gain the courage to spend your time at this INNERSECTION.

Embody what lights you up

Activities to allow you to truly identify and embrace this.

Gather your team

Support and implementation for your all aspects of your online business.

Strategy & Scale

Pull it all together into an Action Plan for the next quarter, year and more.


The Aggregation comes with a virtual Full Implementation Day with the UWP team of geniuses within two weeks of the end of your in-person experience. Action and Implementation is where it is at!

You’ve always inspired me with the way you follow your heart. You don’t just inspire your clients like some consultants, but you actually help your clients ACHIEVE their dreams with implementation!

I can’t wait to put my next Action Day on the travel calendar and see what we dream up together!!!

Blair Green Thielemier, PharmD

Creator, Pharmapreneur Academy and the Elevate Pharmacy Summit

Blair's Action Day in 2020
We Swam with Manatees!

Don't just create the vision

Give yourself the time and space to plan it through

Put it into Action!

Our Destination is Luxurious, Surrounded by Nature, and Available To Support Your Growth

No boring board rooms here!
Sessions take place in engaging spaces, during walks, hikes and paddles. We move to move forward.
Days are planned to give time for exploration - of yourself and your surrounds.

Come enjoy the kinds of properties Jill calls (temporary) home in her location independent life.

Costa Rica May 14-21 2022 and September 10-17

Located in Playa Nosara, this is a private house with its own gorgeous pool plus it is quick to the beach and town. 

Can pick up/drop off at Liberia or San Jose Airports or arrange the shuttle, depending on timing.

Saturday May 14 to Saturday May 21 2022

Your dream life is YOUR Choice

Did you see the recent Yes Theory video where they ran into Jill in an elevator and an adventure was born? Over 2M views later, there are plenty of people inspired to create their own adventure - you can actually be one!

Days are back in full swing.
Say Yes!


We get to choose to move past the lockdowns.

We get to choose to be intentional about how we live.

You get to choose how you serve the world.

You get to choose just how far and wide you spread your gifts.

Take Action and Get the Support you deserve. The world needs you.

Jump on a call with Jill to discuss the atmosphere, timing and location that will best support your growth.

This is Jill's Life's Work

"If we all had the courage to spend our time at the intersection of what lights us up and what we are great at - and trust that the rest will be filled in by others doing the same in their own lives, the world would be a better place." ~jill sessa, CSS of UWP

We choose to have that courage every day.

Lit-Up Entrepreneurs Welcome

We miss spending time with our clients in person, so this is for whom we have designed these Action Days and The Aggregation. Yet we also trust these same clients to extend the invite to lit-up entrepreneurs who are ready to focus on their own genius. Invite others to join you! We'll just make sure they are truly a good fit - or maybe they want to just join for the fun parts and that's okay, too.

What's Included?


Inspiring location, luxe accommodations


In Person (hear that, 2020?!?) 7 Day Aggregation with up to 8 passionate entrepreneurs. Bonus Virtual Implementation Day within two weeks of your session


Moving, engaging activities determined by locale and interest


Most meals at the house created by an organic chef who pours love into his food - plus a special treat in town!


Breakfast, Snacks and Unlimited Coffee (these are hosted by Jill, the woman who runs on coffee after all!) Water, tea and other goodies, too, each day of your stay


Overnight accommodations and transportation from the airport


Inspiration, laughter, moving and grooving plus plenty of emotional and physical space for when you want to be alone.

*A $1500 deposit will hold your spot for up to 5 days while you make your arrangements. Decide you can't actually make it? We will credit this $1500 toward your account, so you don't lose out.
50% refund if cancelled within 21 days of chosen adventure, we will do our best to accommodate location or date changes. Balance can be applied to UWP services.

Already a client? Skip to the head of the line and click here to get all the details to join The Aggregation.

If we haven't yet worked together or you'd like to discuss options, book a 15 minute call with Jill.


Receive one month of our new S&S Momentum plan ($500 value) or $700 credit toward any other S&S packages when you Pay in Full at $5444 for the Aggregation.

Are you ready to SAY YES to this adventure?

Magic happens when we (smartly and safely) open ourselves up to possibilities. When we are guided by open-hearted leaders.

Maybe you've been spinning your wheels lately, through circumstance, environment, or pure burnout.

Or maybe you are already on the Action path and are ready to scale it up once more.

You can accomplish so much with dedicated support - when you give yourself permission to be the Visionary in your business.

It IS time for ACTION
You Have Questions! Here's some answers...

Vacation? Is this really the right time for this?

There is no better time. And it is only partly vacation, but 100% business planning. Not necessarily a retreat, as we prefer to move forward not pull back, but rejuvenating nonetheless. As we wade through the murkiness of the pandemic, we need to get moving again.

If it isn't safe for you or your loved ones to travel yet, we get it! Consider a private Action Day slot and you get to choose... Jill will even come to your home town.

Will I get anything out of this?

If you are concerned about what level your business is at right now, or if you have had coaching that didn't stick or you just don't know if you have enough to give the world, the Aggregation will clear that all up. You need space for visioning, planning and reflection. Then to put it into real implementation. We've got you!

Will I make my money back?

Past Action Days participants have multiplied income all while simplifying day to day operations. The investment is not guaranteed to increase your income, but the resultant action sure will!

The group thing doesn't thrill me, do I have options?

Each Action Day location is different and can accommodate if you want to gather with others or ... not. The Aggregation has some set activities yet no one will twist your arm. We know the power of getting together with other lit-up entrepreneurs and you just may want to give it a shot. Discuss the dynamics with Jill on a call and we're happy to arrange what works best for you.

The beauty of private Action Days is they are built around Jill's nomadic lifestyle and can be totally flexible.

Covid is still a thing!

Everyone has their own comfort level. You will be required to meet the standards of any given locale. We recommend travel insurance, health insurance that covers out of network travel (we use World Nomads) and testing as warranted. We will do our best to create a safe environment, but travel is still and always a risk.

Jill has had Covid herself and is also vaccinated (A, then B!) and can also possibly travel to your home town, let's discuss!

Everything we create is to encourage you to live more fully at the innersection of your genius and your passion.
Give YOURSELF this gift!

Got Questions?

Hope on a call with Jill

Join me for an adventure and take the next leap in your business.