UWP Action Days are back, here's how it works:

Choose your location.

We have set dates to choose from for Maui, Aspen or Costa Rica. Or pick your own location in December or beyond for a custom quote.


Checking availability.

This Google Sheet shows cost per night in the various rooms at each property and will be updated with availability as bookings are made.


Choose the number of Action Days you will have during your experience.

This is the specialized day focused all on you and your business growth needs.
Each Action Day is $2800. Add additional Action Days for $1800. Many clients choose to do two, but we leave this up to you.
Frequent flier? Attend multiple locations and all your Action Days after the first one are just $1800!


Choose the number of additional days you would like to stay on site.

We'll still hang out each day and evening, chat biz and explore, but these are relaxed and more about rejuvenation than strategy and planning. Understand we will all be in the same property, there may be overlap on stays, but each participant has their own private bedroom. Rates vary with each property and reflect our costs and the location (Maui is HOT), not a crazy markup.

If you prefer to stay elsewhere, we can arrange accommodations with our luxury travel club and pass those costs to you or you can simply make your own plans and come to the location for your Action Day.

Most rooms have one queen or king bed, some have two beds, that you can choose to share with a travel companion.


Have a quick conversation

Talk to Jill or send a quick email to [email protected] about your plans, let's make sure it all works out for you. Have dates already in mind? Pay the $1400 deposit to hold them right away then shoot us a message.

A different location to choose from each month - to expand your views and your idea of what is possible.

Maui in September

A luxury resort in Wailea with numerous pools, beach access, and cultural activities. Take advantage of a photographer, snorkel and SUP lessons/outings and plenty of pool time. Spa sessions optional (but really, are they ever?!?)

Two king bedrooms available. (These rooms can be shared if you want to share a bed with your travel companion.) Breakfast, snacks, refreshments included each day, all meals on your Action Days.

Arrival starting Sunday September 5th, departure by Sunday September 12th

Choose up to 5 nights including your full day private Action Day session and daily masterminds.

Initial Dates have already been snatched up, but we are considering opening up a slot between Sept 20 and 28th. Is it yours? Contact us fast!

Airport transportation available in our cool vintage Westy!

Colorado Springs in October

An expansive multi-level house with plenty of gathering spaces. We'll be doing a group experience, a combination of business and personal growth (typical Jill, there is no distinction, really!). Visits will overlap with up to max 8 people in the house at once.

Five different bedroom configurations available, some with Kings, others two Queens. Travel companions can share rooms. All meals and snacks included in the home. One group dinner in Colorado Springs included.

Arrive starting Saturday October 16th, departure by Saturday October 23rd. Choose up to 5 nights including your Action Day session and daily group masterminds.

Airport transportation to/from Denver or Aspen airports available in our Escalade.

Costa Rica in November

Located in Playa Nosara, this is a private house with its own gorgeous pool plus quick access to the beach and town.

Two queen bedrooms available. (These rooms can be shared if you want to share a bed and costs with your travel companion.) All meals in the house included.

November 7th-20th, choose up to 6 nights. Jill will be in residence the entire time and we may have overlapping visits.

Can pick up/drop off at Liberia or San Jose Airports or arrange the shuttle, depending on timing.

December is YOUR Choice

With access to hundreds of locations throughout the world with our luxury travel pass, we have two slots in December where you get to pick the spot for your Action Days. Or plan ahead for 2022. Action Days are back in full swing.
Say Yes!

Accommodations: Pricing is adjusted based on location and availability.


The Financial Details

A $1400 deposit will hold any dates for up to 5 days while you make your arrangements. Decide you can't actually make it? We will credit this $1400 toward your UWP account, so you don't lose out.

An invoice for 50% of your Action Days fee plus 50% of your accommodation fee, minus any deposit if applicable, will be sent upon confirmation and is due upon receipt. The balance is due no later than 21 days before your arrival.

Pay in Full Bonus
Make implementation even easier when you pay in full. Get one month of our new Strategy & Scale Momentum plan, worth $500, or $700 credit toward any other S&S package, including Support and Set-up packages. Current and future packages are eligible.

Cancellation Policy
Full refund minus $1400 if cancellation is more than 21 days before your planned adventure. The $1400 will be applied toward your UWP account as a credit.
50% refund if cancellation within 21 days of your planned adventure. $1400 will be applied toward your UWP account as a credit.


So how much is your Action Day Adventure going to cost?

Let's do MATH!

Example 1:

Scenario: You are already a Strategy & Scale Support client and plan to come to Aspen. You want to do two Action Days and stay for a total of 5 nights.

     Action Days are $2800 + $1800 = $4600 This includes 2 nights.
     Accommodations: According to the availability sheet,
the King Master is $500 per night X 3 additional nights in your stay = $1500.

Your total experience is $6100.
Due at booking: $3050. Balance due by Sept 25: $3050.
Or Pay in full: $6100 and earn the PIF bonus.
PIF Bonus: You already have a $2000 per month S&S Support package so with the $700 bonus credit, your next month is only $1300!

Example 2:

Scenario: You and a companion plan to come to Costa Rica and stay for a total of 6 nights. You are sharing a room but only one of you is doing an Action Day.

     Action Day is $2800 includes one night.
     Accommodations: 5 Additional nights at $160 x2 (shared room each).
$800 each, $1600 total (that's math, but we're geeks so it's okay.

Your total experience is $4400.
We can invoice this as $3600 plus $800 to accommodate the shared room expenses.
Due at booking $1800 plus $400 or $2200. Balance due by Oct 17: $2200
Pay in full at booking and earn the PIF bonus.
PIF Bonus: You receive one month of our Strategy & Scale Momentum package!



If you are getting elementary math test prep flashbacks... and that's a good thing, stick around for one more example! Here we show the benefits - and the one warning - if you choose to share a room.

Example 3:

Scenario: You are planning on coming to Maui solo, because DUH, it is Maui! But then you invite another lit-up entrepreneur who says HECK YES and you are super good friends or maybe related and so you are going to share a room. You are both going to do two Action Days and stay for 5 nights.

     Action Days $2800 + $1800 = $4400 each for Action Days. That covers FOUR of your nights.
     Accommodations: Just 1 Additional night at $540 x 2 (shared room each).

You each will pay $4940 for your experience.
     $2470 due at booking. $2470 balance due by August 15th.

But then one of you cancels. That means that the difference in the room cost is due for the 2 nights that would have been covered by their Action Days, which is $320 x 2 = $640.

Alternate scenario: Or you book solo from the start, 2 Action Days at $4400 plus 3 nights at $860 each = $2580. Your experience is $6980 and pay in full. THEN your friend chooses to join you and does 2 Action Days. We credit you with $2040 once they pay their deposit.



We're nerds, we'll do all the math, but the examples are to show you how these numbers all come together. Costs can range from $2800 just for a single Action Day to $7000+ if you join us in Maui for the whole week.

These experiences are equivalent to retreats and masterminds that sell for five figures and higher, but here's the cool thing: because this is how Jill lives ALL. THE. TIME. we have access to properties and services already. We are just letting you tap into them. You can decide to splurge or budget with some different selections.

And guess what? Since we know many of our clients are coaches and consultants themselves, we can also help you arrange for high level experiences with your own clients. Mmmhhhh... food for thought to plan during your Action Day?!


Receive one month of our new S&S Momentum plan ($500 value) or $700 credit toward any other S&S packages when you Pay in Full.

What's Included?


Inspiring location, luxe accommodations


In Person (hear that, 2020?!?) Action Day plus Bonus Virtual Implementation Day within two weeks of your session


Moving, engaging activities determined by locale and interest


All meals on your Action Day - plus a special treat!


Breakfast, Snacks and Unlimited Coffee (these are hosted by Jill, after all!) Water, tea and other goodies, too, each day of your stay


Overnight accommodations and transportation from the nearest airport


Inspiration, laughter, moving and grooving plus plenty of emotional and physical space for when you want to be alone.

*A $1400 deposit will hold any dates for up to 5 days while you make your arrangements. Decide you can't actually make it? We will credit this $1400 toward your account, so you don't lose out.
50% refund if cancelled within 21 days of chosen adventure, we will do our best to accommodate location changes. Balance can be applied to UWP services.

Pay a $1400 deposit to hold your chosen dates for 5 days.

Make your full or partial payments once confirmation of chosen dates, accomodation and Action Day preferences is made.

You Have Questions! Here's some answers...

Vacation? Is this really the right time for this?

There is no better time. And it is only partly vacation, but 100% business planning. Not a retreat, as we prefer to move forward, but rejuvenating nonetheless. As we wade through the murkiness of the pandemic, we need to get moving again.

If it isn't safe for you or your loved ones to travel yet, we get it! Consider a December slot and you get to choose... Jill will even come to your home town.

Will I get anything out of this?

If you are concerned about what level your business is at right now, or if you have had coaching that didn't stick or you just don't know if you have enough to give the world, an Action Day will clear that all up. You need space for visioning, planning and reflection. Then to put it into real implementation. We've got you!

Will I make my money back?

Past Action Days participants have multiplied income all while simplifying day to day operations. The investment is not guaranteed to increase your income, but the resultant action sure will!

The group thing doesn't thrill me, do I have options?

Each Action Day location is different and can accommodate if you want to gather with others or ... not. This isn't a planned retreat with set activities and no one will twist your arm. Yet we know the power of getting together with other lit-up entrepreneurs and you just may want to give it a shot. Discuss the dynamics with Jill on a call and we're happy to arrange what works best for you.

The beauty of Action Days is they are built around Jill's nomadic lifestyle and can be totally flexible.

Covid is still a thing!

Everyone has their own comfort level. You will be required to meet the standards of any given locale. We recommend travel insurance, health insurance that covers out of network travel (we use World Nomads) and testing as warranted. We will do our best to create a safe environment, but travel is still and always a risk.

Jill has had Covid herself and is also vaccinated (A, then B!) and can also possibly travel to your home town, discuss!

Got Questions?

Hope on a call with Jill

Join me for an adventure and take the next leap in your business.